For help with your initial Cameyo use and other Cameyo queries, please refer to this article:

Choosing an App: Microsoft Office

Once you choose an Office application to deploy, a new tab will be opened, and your chosen Office program will appear. You may now use the Office application as you normally would. 

In order to save or open a file, go to 'File' - 'Save As'/'Open' - and double click 'This PC'. The lower window will appear, which shows your linked 'GDrive' (Google Drive). If your Google Drive does not appear on this page, you will need to follow the steps of the above linked article in the 'My Profile Page' section to reconnect your Google Drive.

If any file is saved to 'Download' or 'My Device', it will be removed automatically and will not be achievable once you close your Cameyo window.

Once you are finished, you may close the tab you are working in, and your session will be closed.

*Please note, if the tab you are working in ever closes or your Chromebook lid is shut, your session will also be closed and a brand new session will be opened.*

If you are in need of assistance, or receive any error messages while using this solution, please submit an eSupport ticket to