Cameyo is how students will access programs that normally only run on a Windows device. Such as the Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud products, or access their college class as needed. This technology allows us to virtualize a program and stream it through a web browser.

If you do not have access to Cameyo, and you believe you should, please speak with your teacher to see if you qualify for access.

Please be aware, if the tab you are working in ever closes or your Chromebook lid is shut, your session will also be closed and a brand new session will be opened.


Logging In The First Time

When logging in the first time, please be sure to sign-in and connect your Cameyo Account to your Google Account to save any files to your Google Drive.

Landing Page

Choose the app you are needing to utilize, or choose the silhouette in the top right corner for your 'My Profile' page. 

*Please note, pictured apps may be different than what appears on your landing page*

'My Profile' Page

If you have correctly linked your Google Account to your Cameyo account, you will see the 'Drive' checked below the Google section to the right. If you do not see the checked box, click the plug icon next to the 'Google' section, and the above prompts will show up again to reconnect your Google Account.

*Please note, do not click on any other items on this page, as this may create unwanted changes that can negatively affect your account and experience.*

For additional help with specific Cameyo applications, please refer to this folder:

If you are in need of assistance, or receive any error messages while using this solution, please submit an eSupport ticket to