Fix for Promethean Boards (For Now)

*Be sure to sign into the computer as yourself for Admin purposes*

1.      Check Firmware Version of the Promethean Board (100 or 300 Series)

  1. Locate the ActivManager icon in your system tray or taskbar.  

  1. Click on the icon and select Control Panel.   

  1. The firmware version can be found on the Hardware tab in the Firmware column. If it is not v8.10 (build 7), you will need to manually upgrade it to that version before moving on to Step 2. Please click the following link below for directions to manually update the firmware to v8.10 (build 7).



2.      Upgrade the Firmware for use with Windows 10/11

a.       Highlight the ActivBoard and click Upgrade.

b.       Select Internet then click Load. ActivManager will contact our servers to download the firmware upgrade data.

c.       Click Yes when prompted with the message ‘Do you want to change the firmware on the selected device?’.

d.       The upgrade process will begin and the progress bar will advance from 0% to 100%. The Promethean flame on your ActivBoard will flash magenta until the upgrade is complete. A confirmation dialog opens; click OK then Close.

e.       Once the upgrade is complete, the Promethean flame will flash green until you tap your ActivPen on the ActivBoard surface. Then, disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

f.        Reboot the computer. Plug the USB cable back in once the computer fully restarts.

*Please note, calibration from hoving over the flame will be disabled with this new firmware. You will need to calibrate the board from the System Tray from now on.*

3.      What to do if you still see this message after the Firmware Update:


a.       Search for “Core Isolation” in the Windows Settings.

b.       Turn the Memory Integrity setting Off if it isn’t already. You'll need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

c.       Note down which computers you have turned off this setting on and turn this setting back on when the new boards have arrived. You will need to remove the ACTIVhidmini drivers in order to do so (you will see which drivers that will need to be removed when trying to turn the setting back on).