You will use the "Spotlight Video" feature. This feature will only display as an option if there are three or more people in the meeting. Once selected, the video/ screen will override the participants viewing settings (ie: Gallery or Active Speaker). Please note, the participants can override this on their end to change the viewing settings back. Once the video/ screen is in the spotlight that is the only section is that record. However, once a screen share has started there will be display options that need to be adjusted (see step 3 below). If these steps are completed correctly the recording will not contain any other participants and will only record the presenter's video/ screen. 

If there is a need to monitor the other participants you would need to join in the Zoom meeting on another device and then override the "Spotlight" by clicking on "View" and then switching "Gallery View". On mobile devices, there isn't the "View" option and you swipe across the screen.

  1. Start the meeting
  2. Right-click on your name, select "Spotlight Video"
  3. If sharing your screen you have two options
    1. Switch to "Shared screen with active speaker" (you only)
    2. Switch to "Shared screen without active speaker or gallery view" (no one)