1. Open the Start menu on your Windows 10 machine.

screenshot (2) 2759161438268716 675403

From here, you can just search for Connected Device Settings in the Start menu's search field to skip a few steps. If not, read on.

2. Click on Settings.

 screenshot (3) 2759161438268716 675403

3. Select Devices.

 screenshot (4) 2759161438268712 675403

4. Choose Connected Devices.

screenshot (6) 2759161438268712 675403 

5. Click Add a Device.

6. Select your WiDi (Wireless Display) receiver.

 screenshot (7) 2759161438268710 675403

Your receiver may have a different name, usually it is displayed on the screen.

You may also be asked to enter a passcode, which is usually a number that is also displayed on the screen.

That's it. Your computer should now be mirrored on your TV.