Step 1: Navigate to our District Email

Step 2: Sign-in

  • Enter your full email address (

  • Enter your temporary password (Password0422)

Step 3: Setup Two-step/ Multi-factor Authentication

  • Important: If using the phone call method you will not be able to use your school building's phone number. You will need to use a phone number you have direct access to receive calls or texts.

  • The options available are below. It is recommended to add more than one option for flexibility.

    • Phone call - Do not use your building's phone number

    • Text message code

    • Microsoft Authenticator app notification to approve/ deny (most convenient) 

    • Microsoft Authenticator app time-based PIN

Step 4: Set New Password

  • Minimum of 12-characters and must include at least one special symbol and one number

1) Technology & Maintenance Department Support:
When submitting tickets please provide as much information as you can about the issue. 
Also provide where you are located and include contact information such as your district extension.

2) SIS/ PowerSchool Support:
Jolie Williams, Data Specialist - Administration Office