Amazon AppStream is how students will access programs that normally only run on a Windows device. Such as the Microsoft Office Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud products. This technology allows us to virtualize a program and stream it through a web browser.

Below are steps on how to link your Google Drive account to open and save documents as well as other helpful tips for using AppStream. For the Microsoft Office Suite, this solution will be available daily from 7 AM - 9 PM. For other programs needed these times may vary. Once you are finished using the program you will need to end your session. Instructions on how to end your session can be found at the bottom of this document.

Opening a program:

For the Microsoft Office Suite, click here. For different programs such as Adobe or Autodesk, there will be different URLs required. Please ask your instructor for these different URLs. These programs have access assigned on an as-needed basis. After clicking on the URL you will be presented with a landing page with a list of available programs. Click on the desired application.

You will then be prompted for your district password. Once authenticated, the system will prepare the requested program for you. This generally takes around 60 seconds. If this is your first time using the application and you will need to open or save files please follow the instructions below.

Linking Google Drive:

Important Areas:

App Launcher

This is where you will go to open a new program.

Switching Windows

This is where you will need to go to switch between programs or windows that are open.

Ending Session

This is very important. If you only close out of your browser or tab this will not end your session and you will consume one of the limited sessions available. If you are done you will need to click "End session".

If you receive any error message while using this solution please submit and esupport ticket.