The instructions below are the same for launching any Kiosk App, such as for the following: ISASP, ELPA21, Schoology, etc. 

Steps to using a Kiosk App:
1) Turn on Chromebook
2) Bottom left-hand corner click "Apps"
3) Click "application name"

Steps on exiting a Kiosk App:
1) Hold the Power Button for 1 second
2) Choose "Sign out"

Please note, you will not be signing into the Chromebook, if you sign into the Chromebook then the Kiosk App menu will not be available.

Schoology Note: To ensure that your students are actually in the Kiosk App we have placed a bright yellow bar at the top of the screen. If you are administrating a test within Schoology and you do not see this yellow bar then your students are not using the Kiosk App and are not locked down.