The instructions below are the same for launching any Kiosk App, such as for the following: ISASP, ELPA21, Schoology, etc. 

Steps to using a Kiosk App:
1) Turn on Chromebook
2) Bottom left-hand corner click "Apps"
3) Click "application name"

Steps on exiting a Kiosk App:
1) Hold the Power Button for 1 second
2) Choose "Sign out"

Please note, you will not be signing into the Chromebook, if you sign in then this will not be available.

Schoology Note: To ensure that your students are actually in the Kiosk App we have placed a bright yellow bar at the top of the screen. If you are administrating a test within Schoology and you do not see this yellow bar then your students are not using the Kiosk App and are not locked down.