Restricted Mode for Students

*If you are seeing a black screen when trying to view videos, please check the troubleshooting steps below*

What was changed?

A feature has been implemented on YouTube to ensure that students are not able to access inappropriate videos. While this greatly improves peace of mind, it may also cause some videos to be restricted that do not need to be. 

Will videos be restricted for me?

All district staff will continue to get unrestricted access to the full collection of YouTube videos. In order to ensure unrestricted access, you must make sure you are logged into your district ( account on YouTube. You will be able to search for videos and a notification will let you know if it has been restricted for students with the message “Video not approved for”.

How can I allow a video to be viewed by students?

All Google Classroom teachers have the ability to allow videos for students. Allowing a video is simple, and can be achieved by clicking an “Approve” button below the video. More detailed instructions below.

Instructions (for teachers):

  1. Make sure you are logged into YouTube with your account.

  2. If a video is restricted it will show this message on a blue background below the video:

  3. On the right of the video not approved message, there is an approve button.

    If the video is appropriate, simply click “Approve” and it will immediately be available to all students as long as they are logged into their account on YouTube.


  • Make sure you are logged into your district email account on YouTube

  • Make sure you are not using a YouTube channel or personal account to browse YouTube. This is the cause of most issues. Please check by clicking on your account in the top right hand corner of the YouTube page, then clicking on “Switch Account”

    MAKE SURE you see your Firstname and Lastname and that your account is selected.

  • Open the video you want students to be able to view and make sure that is is approved using the instructions above

  • Make sure the students are logged into their district email account on YouTube

  • If you can no longer see the Approve / Disapprove option do the following steps:

    • Step 1: Click on your user account icon in the upper right hand corner.

    • Step 2: Click on "Settings"

    • Step 3: Click on "View additional features" towards the middle of the screen.

    • Step 4: Expand top left hand hamburger menu.

    • Step 5: Click "Home". 

    • Step 6: Then find your video again or paste in the URL for the video in the search bar and the approval button should be there as normal.


  • If you have already logged into your email or Google Drive, you are also logged into YouTube

  • You can approve an entire “channel” on YouTube by going to the main channel page. Keep in mind that this will approve all videos in the future, as well as the past

Contact us with any questions:

If you have any questions regarding the changes, need assistance approving videos, or find that the new system isn’t working for you; please contact the Technology Services department by submitting a ticket.